Flip to Learn. Everything.

WikiFlip is the new app from the Knowledge Network WOK that turn Wikipedia images into a quiz game.

Scroll. Shake. Search. Flip. Play. When learning is fun: its fun to learn!

Search and flip Wikipedia

The feel of Instagram. The power of Wikipedia. The joy of Learning. Scroll. Flip. Shake. Or Search any specific article in Wikipedia and flip questions related to the Wikipedia article. WikiFlip is the excellent way to learn anything about everything.

WikiFlip from WOK is part of the gamification of Wikipedia!

WikiFlip have already over 80000 questions to flip in the WOK database and its growing everyday. Flip questions in english, arabic, swedish and french! Wikiflip is also connected with WikiMaster, the successful app from WOK with all quizzes to Wikipedia.

For Joy. For Study. For Killing Time.

WikiFlip is an addictive app. No matter if you sit on the bus. Or need to study hard to pass an exam. Or just love trivia quiz to challenge yourself. Spending time on your smartphone and in the Knowledge Network WOK will never be time wasted with WikiFlip. Study a topic and learn more about stuff will be more fun with WikiFlip and with WOK. Forever.
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Download Wikiflip in Google Play and AppStore

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
(some countries can have restricted access)

Google Play

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