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FAQ index for WikiFlip WF splash screen

Welcome to FAQ for WikiFlip. We hope the WikiFlip app for Google Play and AppStore is so simple you will never need to use this FAQ pages. But sometimes its good to read the instructions to get some great ideas to use the app for even more fun and usefulness!

Welcome to WOK! World of Knowledge and WikiFlip app!

1- What's WikiFlip ?

WikiFlip is the new WOK app that makes Wikipedia Images into a game.

WF splash screen

WikiFlip is an app that turns Wiki images into a quiz game. Flip a picture and take a fun trivia Quiz question from the ecosystem of multiple choice questions in the World of Knowledge, the Knowledge Network called WOK.

WikiFlip combines Wiki images + Quizzes and scrolling into a great learning and fun app that makes time spent time well spent. WikiFlip is like an Insta for the Brain. View the beauty of images from Wikimedia Commons and flip to see if you know something related to the picture. For trivia fun or for targeted learning like a homework. 

WikiFlip is the entry app into WOK. Flip any images from the Wikipedia and take a multiple choice question. 
WOK is short of World of Knowledge and an ecosystem for learning by making fun quiz games on top of the encyclopedia Wikipedia. WOKbits earned in any WOK apps counts for becoming a WikiMaster. Combine WikiFlip with WikiMaster and Quiz King apps in the Knowledge Network called WOK and earn your WOKbits where it is most fun!

Currently, WikiFlip has over 152000 Wikipedia questions with images among the 400000 questions in the WOK database. In 4 languages; English, Arabic, Swedish and French. WOKers in the community create more WikiFlip questions related to Wikipedia every day in order to put the best questions on top of the best encyclopedia to create the best school online. Join WOK for free today! 

The FAQs are currently made in English and Arabic. (Not yet in Swedish and french) 

2- How to create an account in WOK ecosystem ?

WF Signup screenWF landing screen

WOK is free and have no obligations. In order for the WOK  quizgames to be played and score to be counted; You need an account in WOK- World of Knowledge.

Once you open WikiFlip you will get the landing screen.

Click on "Sign up to WOK" button then you will find signup screen to fill.

'If you have an account in WOK since before: Use this credentials for login. (Quiz King, WikiMaster, or any older apps). 

You will need to enter first name, last name, email, password and retype password to create WOK account . Pic is oprtional. (Clic on the pic to upload a pic for your profile. Can be done later in Settings.) 

By use Facebook Login; All the fill will be done by the Facebook API, making it simple to get going. 

Changes in Settings apart from pic upload are made in app WikiMaster. We have made WikiFlip an entry app to WOK and left some functions out to make the app as light as 7Mb for the ease of the wokers.

3- How to learn more about the question ?

WF landing screenAfter you finish answering the flips/ questions; they disappear from Home (F1) to be reviewed in My Flips (F2) .Hide flips in Home (F1) is the default Settings , see (F5).

You can change this from Settings. (F5)

Click on "Show taken flips in Home", and the after you answer the question, it'll flip again so you can see the correct answer in Home.

So (images below)
A- First you scroll to flip an image (Pic 1). 
B- Then you answer the question (Pic 2). 
C- After that you get the result and answering time and also gained WOKbits (Pic 3).
D- If you click twice you will get the tags part (Pic 4).
If you click on a specific tag that you are interested in, you will get all Flips which have this tag. 
For example: If you click on "Tony Blair" tag on my flip, The home scren will be updated like the illustrations in this article. Clic on any green tag and flip this subject. You jump from a topic to topic just like you trickle down on a tag or person in Instagram. 

WF landing screen

WF landing screenWF landing screen

And hence you can take all flips on "Tony Blair", That´s a part of fun indeed!
In addition you can read more about this tag to open in WikiMaster app (The sister app of Wikiflip), But first you have to set this in settings.

In settings screen, select the blue "WikiMaster" in front of "Show tags in". Once you done this: Tag end up blue and you will be taken to WikiMaster app to read Wikipedia and learn more.
And that's why WikiFlip make Wikipedia into a game. Or shall we say WikiFlip turned Instagram into a learning tool? 

4- What's flipping in WikiFlip ?

How WikiFlip works

In home you see a lot of images from Wikipedia. Each image is related to a question from WOK. The Flip is hidden behind the image.
If you want to take the question: You just have to flip. Flip happen when click on the image itself or click on the flip symbol. You just flip the pictures that you find intresting to flip. One at the time.

WF landing screenWF landing screen

In each cell in Home you will find 
a- A name and a small image : The creator of the question. Always a WOKer, a member in WOK, just like you. 
b- WF landing screen : This is the Main Category of the question.  Among 22. 
c- The Main Queations image : The image from Wikipedia or to be precise Wikimedia Commons assigned to the question.
d- WF landing screen : Flip Symbol (Click to flip)
e- WF landing screen : Number of WOKers who took this question.
f- WF landing screen : The percentage of the correct answers of WOKers who took this question. To give you a hint if its hard or easy. 

When the image is flipped you take the question during 30 seconds. The quicker you reply correct, the more WOKbits you get. 

You have 30 sec to answer the question, The faster you answer the higher score you get.
The maximum score you can get when flip is 200 WOKbits. 

After you finish answering the question, it'll disappear from home and that's the default.


5- How to share my results ?

Share 150831Share 150831

After you flip an image and answer:

Click on the share grey icon and you get the popup to share. 

A- Share on Facebook.

B- Share on Twitter.

C- Share on others (Mail, Blutooth, WhatsApp, Skype etc).

D- Rate WikiFlip on Store.

E- Or invite a friend to download WikiFlip by send an email.

6- How to search for a taken flip ?

WF_WF6In footer menu select "My flips" (F2)  and in top search field enter a part of the question 

Hence you can revise on the taken flips any time you like. You search in the question field. (Not yet in alternatives) . 

7- How to get info about a taken Flip ?

In My Flips there is a lot of information about the questions you flipped.

A- Add tag : You can help WOK be better and add a tag to this question.

B- You can click on any tag to learn more in WikiMaster (But you have to set that first in settings)

C- WF_WF6  : The heart is used to like a question, In top right you can toogle the heart icon to filter all hearted question.

D- WF_WF6 : This icon is used to show the question history logfile. The history of the question since it's created in WOK by a WOKer until now.

E- WF_WF6 : This icon tells how many WOKers took this question in WOK apps.

F- WF_WF6 : By clicking on this alert icon you can alert this question.

G- WF_WF6 : That's used for sharing the question.

alert popupWF_WF6WF_WF6

8- How to heart a question in WikiFlip?

WF_WF6Save your favorite questions you want to study more in My flips (F2)

Click on the heart icon WF_WF6 in the question cell to heart this question.
It's good also to filter your hearted taken flips by clicking on the heart icon in the right of top bar.

Example: Imaagine you have to learn something in school. You flip the subject. Some you answered correct and some you answered wrong. In WikiFlip you can mark the questions you need to repeat and answer. The good part is you can answer "load for yourself" without see the alternatives in the My Flip mode, just display the question to enhance tour learning. And as sson you need to fill in the gap of knowledge, clic on a tag to learn more, either by flip this subject or clic on WikiMaster to learn more in this app from WOK. 

9- How to take flips of a specific article ?

Share 150831

WikiFlip is the WOK app that turn Wikipedia into a flip game. It focus on the images uploaded to Wikipedia by the Wikipedians sending to Wikimedia Commons. WOK use the pictures in the questions made by the wokers based on Wikipedia articles in WikiMaster app. 
You search for an article on Wikipedia in Search (F3) and then take a question related to this article by flip the image in Home (F1) .

WikiFlip give you images to flip. In Home you just scroll and flip. The Main topics showing is checkmarked in Settings (5th Footer menu option, F5). 
You can also be very specific and granular in your flip search and search on a Wikipedia article level. Large or small. 
For example:  In Search from Footer Menu you search for "French Revolution", before you finish typing you get the results related to this Wikipedia article.
Also, In front of each article there is a number which indicates how many question in this article.
When click on the search result of your liking, you go to Home with all questions have "French Revolution" related to it.

Hence, Study will never be boring again.

Note: In WikiFlip you can flip a question once. In WikiMaster; you can take any questions on Wikipedia as many times as you want. 

The best Flipper will flip as many flips in a row as possible and record is seen in Settings in the small cireclle (F4) . (See also Scoreboard in WikiMaster) 

10- How to set Settings in WikiFlip ?


From Footer menu click Settings (F5).

In the first tab "Category" you select Main Categories that you want to flip questions related to those Categories.
WOK has 22 different Main Categories. They are used to make the questions into a large range of topic.

In the second tab "Display", you determine what WikiFlip shall Display. 

A- Option of select the language of the questions. Currently WikiFlip have questions in english, arabic, french and swedish. When WOK grow, more languages will be availible. 

B- Option to show taken flips in home after you flip. Default is Off since you can easy view in My Flips. 

C- Option to show tags in WikiMaster (Sister app of WikiFlip namechanged to WikiMaster during 2017) or keep in WikiFlip. When you want to learn more, many prefer to open the tag in WikiMaster

D- Show flips with Author of the question or the WOKer who took the question 

E- Logout button  - You can sign out from WikiFlip and WOK if you like. 

If you like to change your name and other Settings, please use app WikiMaster where there are more options to your account. WikiFlip is kept to a minimum of size in WOK to be light and is less than 7Mb large. It is our entry app to the ecosystem in the Knowledge Network WOK.

11- How to see my score in Wikiflip ?

WF_WF5 In profile you see a lot of results.

 A-WF_WF5 : WOKer uploaded image. Clic here to upload a new pic. For other change like name: Please download WikiMaster and login with your WOk account in this app and go to Settings. We have kept WikiFlip as small as possible in size in order for the app to reach a bigger audiance in countries where the downloads cost more. WikiFlip is an entry app to WOK. 

B- WF_WF5 : Number of flipped questions in WikiFlip. The small number at 5oclock display the record of Flips in a row for the WOKer. Clic to see full Scoreboard in WikiMaster. 

C- WF_WF5 : Total WOKbits in WOK ecosystem. You get WOKbits from WikiFlip, WikiMaster, Quiz King and others. All end up in the same score. Clic to open Scoreboard in WikiMaster. 

D- WF_WF5 : Played reound in QuizKing app from WOK). When clicked on you go to Quiz King and play. (Not open in all countries) 

 E- WF_WF5 : Number of taken quizzes in  WikiMaster app. Clic to open or download WikiMaster.

 F- WF_WF5 : Number of created questions by this WOKer in all WOK ecosystem. Clic to Create a question / flip in WikiMaster app (download or open if downloaded)

G- WF_WF5 : Number of added tags in WOK. WOK as a community depend on all WOKers help to improve the community usage. If you find a question and see that the question would fit in another wiki; please add a wikitag
In your profile you can accurate track your and other WOKers progress in WOK-World Of Knowledge.

12- How to add tag to a question ?

WF_WF6Adding tags to the question is a great help in WOK.  It puts the questions into the correct context. Into the relevant Wikipedia articles. Not only in WikiFlip, but in WikiMaster aswell. And that make WOK-World Of Knowledge better for all WOKers. You can help the WOK community by add tags where you feel its relevant. Please do! We are doing this together!
For adding tags :

After you flip a question and flip again twice; You get the question with tags (Pic 1).
Click on add a tag button to add a tag to that question. Then type the tag name in search field (Pic 2) that you think would be a relevant article for this question to be in.
The search happens in Wikipedia articles. After that you click on the searched tag and it'll be added to the tags box.
You can add as much tags as you like but it should be relevent to the question.
Finally click on Finish button and the tag will be added (Pic 3). 

Note that you can only delete tags after 40000 Wb earned in order to keep trolls at a distance. But if you think a bad tag is in a question, you can alert the creator/owner about the issue to be fixed. 

13- I like WikiFlip and I want to rate on Appstore or Google Play

WF_WF6WikiFlip is another tool from WOK- World Of Knowledge that help to make fun of learning. 

We hope you like the app and tell your friends about it and spread the word- mouth to mouth. 

But we also like you to share your thoughts in AppStore and Google Play. 

In home you can click on the share icon, Then click on "Rate app or review".

You can Share on Facebook, Twitter , Email or go directly to the AppStore or Google Play or you can Skype, Whatsapp or send on any social platform if tyou appriciate the app. Please do! 

14- How to change questions language in WikiFlip

WF_WF6Till now WikiFlip is working in 4 languages (English - Swedish - Arabic- French).
For changing the language of the questions:
Click Settings from footer menu (F5) , then click on the WF_WF6  (globe icon) to change language.

Finally you select your favorite language and all flips in home will be in this language.
Its easy to switch back to another language.
Have fun in WikiFlip app from WOK!

15- I like Science; can I have all flips in science?


Absolutly! You can search anything on WiKipedia and Flip!

If you like your Home to be filled with Science related only, go to Settings and checkmark the Main Category "Education & Science".You can chose between 22 Main Categories to have only questions in it in Home in the normal Flow when you return to WikiFlip. Select the checkbox in front of "Education and Science" and other Main Categories you like.

WOK has 22 Main Category and about 330000 english multiple choice questions attached to Wikipedia articles. Over 80000 of the questions in WOK have images attached so you can Flip them in WikiFlip. Questions without images is taken in WikiMaster. 

The second choice is to go to Footer menu and clic Search (F3). Write Science and you will get the Wikipedia article with over 5000 questions releated to Science. You can flip them in Home. Small topics or large is to be searched for. Any Wikipedia article can be flipped. 

16- What's the difference between WikiFlip, WikiMaster and Quiz King?


WOK is an ecosystem for knowledge with several apps joining the gamification of learning. All apps in WOK add to your WOkbits score so you can join in where you have most fun. 

WikiFlip is focused on images and the questions in WOK with Wiki images related. Images is the focus point in WikiFlip. 

WikiMaster, (former WOKwik)i is a larger app than WikiFlip. Its the main app in the WOK community and Wikipedia is the focus point. All Wikipedia articles have quizzes with and without images. You play challenges with any WOKers in the WOK community in any wiki. You create questions, quizzes and chat with other WOKers and get Notifications about the actions in WOK. 

Quiz King is a quiz game that focus on play quizbattles with any WOKers. The focus point is the 22 Main Categories. You chose 4 questions from a main category and your opponent answer the same. You play 5 rounds until you win. 

If WikiFlip gives you a single questions on a subject like "Rio de Janiro", WikiMaster will gives you all the multiple choice questions on this subject, Quiz King gives you 4 random questions in each round from the Main Category "Travel & Geography".
So WikiFlip is like "One from Many", WikiMaster is like "Many from Few" and QuizKing is like  "Few from Many".
But they correlate: They are siblings.

And they are interconnected in WOK network for learning. Any question answered can be reviewed and the tags connected cliced to learn more. This is how we at WOk percieve learning. You get curious and then you fill in the knowledge gaps. And having fun doing so. It should alwasys have been this way. In school. In life. Now its WOK. 

That makes WOK The World Of Knowledge!

17- How to create a question ?

You can't make/ create a question inside WikiFlip. But its very easy anyway: Go to Profile (F4) and clic Created Questions and you can create a Flip in WikiMaster app. If downloaded; You go directly to step 1 in Create Question. The question you create will show in WikiFlip if you add a image to the question. Anyone can create a question in WOK. We do them together in the community of WOK. For all to enjoy. 

WOK is an ecosystem for knowledge. All WOK apps (WikiFlip, WikiMaster, Quiz King and others) are connected to one unified database.
WikiFlip is kept very small (7Mb) and we have threfore left some functionalities to the other apps. 

WikiFlip is simpler than that, It's like Instagram.
But we have WikiMaster app where you can make as many questions as you want.
This will spread out the knowledge in th eworld and it's great for you to be a part of the World of Knowledge: WOK- 
Download WikiMaster today and create so many questions to help WOKers all over the world!

18- How can I check that the question and answer are correct ?

WF_WF6WF_WF6First you click settings from the footer menu. Go to Display tab. 
Then you have to make "Show tags in" to open in "WikiMaster" (former named WOKwiki)

Now you can enjoy to learn more in My Flips: After you flip a question and have answered, the tags attached to the question will turn up blue in My Flips (or in Home).
Below the alternatives Tags will appear . Clic on the Blue Tag will open the Wikipedia article in the WikiMaster app. WikiMaster is a free app in the WOK ecosystem. You learn more and can take a quiz or challenge about this Wikipedia article or just read to learn more. In WikiMaster there is about 330000 questions that do not yet have images to be able to flip in WikiFlip. So this function is a great way to learn more about things in the World of Knowledge. 

19- How does alert system work in WikiFlip ?


In WikiFlip, there are questions that can be questionable for their quality for many reasons. You can Alert the question from "My Flips". The Alert trigger a 72 hour note to the "Owner" of the question in WOK. "The owner" is a. the creator or b. the person who have Alerted and claimed ownership of question if creator have not taken any action to edit a question during 72 hours after the Alert. 

If a WOKer alert the question and nobody does anything about it, the question will not be in any questions in WikiFlip but will stay in WOKcraft. It will be in Class C. Reported as Alerted. Until edited. So even if a WikiFlip player report it, the question will not show up in WikiFlip after an alert until improved by the owner or a SuperWOKer.

Edit is made in WikiMaster. 

20- How to download WikiFlip app?

WikiFlip is a FREE app from WOKcraft and is available on both Android and iOS
platform in Google Play and AppStore.
WikiFlip is part of World of Knowledge - the social Network for Knowledge called WOK.

Download from Appstore here!

WW app store badge 150909

Download from Google Play here!

WW play store badge 150909

21- I've answered a question and want to read more about this topic



WFA GP screen En 4 mob 75full 4 170214

After you take a quiz in WikiFlip, you will find all taken questions in "My Flips" In footer menu.

Click on "My Flips" and expand your question to see the tags related to this question.

The tags are a topic in Wikipedia which this question is blongs to.

Click o the tag and you'll be forwarded to WikiMaster app

In WikiMaster, read about any article you want. IN WikiMAster ypu take questions with and without images. In WikiFlip you only have the questions with images availible. 

WikiMaster new brother app WikiFlip makes playing Wikipedia even better.

22- Why are some flips having the same image ?



In WOK all questions are created by the WOKers in apps like WikiMaster and Quiz King.

The images you see in WikiFlip are added to the questions from Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia database of images.

In this process, the images are added from relative Wikipedia articles. Some Wikipedia articles do not have so many related images. So the WOKers have many times added the same image to different questions. Hence you will see the same image in many Flips in the same search. (like Heath Ledger in the example here)

23- Will I have a bonus for answering many correct questions in row ?


In WikiFlip your efforts is counted with the counting of flips when you answer mahy flips correct in a row.
Beating yourself and your own record is great fun!
Yes, We in WOK appreciate the WOKer with a good knowledge.

When a WOKer answer four flips or questions in a row, 100 extra WOKbits as a bonus is awarded. 

When the WOKer answer more correct questions he make a record number of correct questions in row and you will see the golden badge.

Once you break the correct answer streak, you start all over in your progress . Reaching 4 in a row again will displayed every 4 in a row until new record broken and gold badge appear.

So each WOKer has two kind of progress
a. Record progress : The highest number of correct answers in row 
b. Current progress : The current numbers of corrected unswers in row but less than the record progress.

In Home top right values (3/18) the current / record progress is showed. You can also see your current record in profile (F4)  in the small circle attached with Fips nailed (18) in the screen. The overall Scoreboard is shown in WikiMaster app for Nailed Flips and you can compare yourself to frineds, city, country and the World.

Keep beating the record by finding the trix how. Search articles you like and know about. Go to WikiMaster and practice. You find the trick to beat the record. Enjoy! Knowledge always wins! 

24- How to be in top of WOKers in WikiFlip?


Easily, Flip a lot of correct questions in row.

In WikiFlip WOKer profile, there is a small number in circle attached with number of WOKbits that you have (5), It's your rank in WOK ecosystem scoreboard.

In the brother app WikiMaster there is a scoreboard screen and it's global in all WOK apps.

In Flips tab, You find WOKers who get the highest number of flips in row are sorted according to number of (four in row) flips gained.

Reach the Scroebaord by clic on WOKbits circle in Settings (downlaod app or if downloaded: Go directly to the WikiMaster Scoreboard and show Flips) 

25- How can I get new random flips?


Home toggle give you 10 new random questions.

Scroll and find pics that is intresting to flip in Home.  Clic twice at Home will give you 10 new random images to chose from. (This is called Toggle. 2nd Toggle is T2).  You always find a random selection of Flips to take with great images from Wikipedia.  Flip WOK questions on the go! The main subjects or categories to chose from when you clic on Home button is set from the categories you select in settings .

If you have marked Favorite articles in WikiMAster and marked Settings to Flip Random from Favorites: You will have 10 random flips from your Favorite articles. This is a great way to learn more and be granuar in WikiFlip with things you like or need to learn in school. 

Keep flipping! 

26- How to search for another WOKer ?


It's a pretty easy to Search for another WOKer (=registered member of the WOK Community).

Just go to your profile and enter the other WOKer name in the top search bar.

WOK is an ecosystem, so you can easily find all your friends in other apps WikiMaster and Quiz King.

27- How to take all taken flips of another WOKer ?


In order to play with other members (=wokers) of the WOK community (WOK= apps-> WikiFlip/ WikiMaster/ Quiz King) you can go to Profile in Footer menu. 
First of all: search for the other WOKer W2

After that click on the "Flips Nailed" circle and you get the popup.

Finally, you select to Flip only nailed or all taken flips by W2

28. How to compare my WOKbits of a question with other WOKers in WOK



One of the functions in WikiFlip to display results is the Question Graph. It shows your WOKbits compared with all other WOKers in certain question.

In the question graph, the collected WOKbits are on the X-axis while the number of WOKers are on the Y-axis. Median is the dotted grey line and average is the dotted blue line in the question graph.

You can see the question graph when click on the WOKer icon WF_WF6  in home after you flip a question (pic1) and of course in WF2 (pic2).

In WikiMaster, read about any article you want. In WikiMaster ypu take questions with and without images. In WikiFlip you only have the questions with images availible. 

There are 3 cases for your WOKbits in this quesion
a. When you have the best results in a question on first try, your WOKbits will show in golden (pic3).
b. When you have zero Wb, your WOKbits will show in grey (pic4).
c. When you have correct answer (but not best in WOK), you have the score in green (pic1).

Download Wikiflip in Google Play and AppStore

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
(some countries can have restricted access)

Google Play

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