The story of WikiFlip

WOK have an ambition. WOK have a vision. WOK have set a goal to be Nr 1 in Education Social Network online. WOK have launched products and services to materalize the WOK vision of become the Knowledge Network.

World of Knowledge as a project and WOKcraft Inc as a company have spent many man hours to build the infrastructure and apps for The Knowledge Network WOK. We come up with ideas. We build. We test. We measure. We learn. And we do this everyday. We build content. We build apps. We build user experience. We enhance. We learn. We found bugs. We kill bugs. We enhance. We learn. We love WOK. 

In 2014 we at WOK decided to turn all our focus into making the app WOKwiki that would only focus in making Quizzes on top of Wikipedia. We would make Wikipedia 2.0. The Gamification of Wikipedia would be equal to WOKwiki. We decided to soft launch the app WOKwiki on the Anniversary of the 15th Birthday of Wikipedia on January 15, 2016. So we did. We were full aware of the app WOKwiki is not really a good name. So we used 2016 for improvning, testing and have used the learning curve for marketing, retention and other crucial issues like language handling. 

The app WOKwiki have reached lomg over 100000 downloads in Google Play with over 4.4 in reviews which was on of our targets for 2016. We now knew it was a really good app but we still improve it and make it simpler and more fun. This is a process until it will go into a global phenonema. Wikipedia is large. Since WOK is Wikipedia with quiz on top: WOKwiki is larger. Maybe we are not humble here. But we believe when the community that use Wikipedia everyday finds out WOKwiki is even better than Wikipedia since it just add function without take away anything: Nothing will stop the WOK from being the Nr 1 in Education Online. 

WF banners7 insta 270x270 161208b2But still: We found WOKwiki a bit to complex for many WOKers. So in this process we discovered that the power and complexity could be even simpler. On a meeting on September 16, 2016 in Copenhagen the founder Erik Bolinder got struck by the idea of change the focus point from Quizzes to Images and create a sibling app. The name WikiFlip came instant. And the rest followed. After the meeteing Erik stayed in the reception and made the app in the drawings on a tablet. WikiFlip was born. And less than one month later the first beta was done by the team. Since the content of questions have been bult up, WikiFlip was just the top of the iceberg. API, Backend order, content was already made after long and hard work by the team and the WOK community. 

All the beutiful images from Wikimedia Commons now came into light. In a World leaning to ignorance in 2016, WikiFlip were set to the destiny of enlight the World and make the ease of Instagram and power of Wikipedia into something great. 

2017: The year of WikiFli Rest is History. WikiFlip is out. WikiMaster, (former WOKwiki) now have a sibling. When learning is fun; its fun to learn.

Download Wikiflip in Google Play and AppStore

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WikiFlip is currently in Google Play for Android devices and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore on following links :
(some countries can have restricted access)

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